239/1, Civil Lines, Jhansi


CSAIST is committed to educate its students to be responsible, civic minded citizens having high degree of academic integrity and accountability thus, providing holistic education to its students. Various pro-active measures have been taken by the management and the faculties for maintaining discipline and to create an environment conducive to higher education and research.

Code of Conduct for Students :

  1. Students are responsible for their conduct and are prohibited from doing anything, either inside or outside the institute, that will amount to breach of discipline or interference in the normal working of the institute. A student will be liable to disciplinary action for violation of any of the rules of discipline. Disciplinary action may involve warning and/ or fines and/ or suspension from the class, from examination, from use of the institute library or even expulsion from the classes, from the institute as such or any such action as provided in ordinance of the rules of discipline of Bundelkhand University.

  2. Student shall conduct themselves in a disciplined manner both towards the staff (Teaching and Non -Teaching) and towards their fellow students. In addition, unbecoming language or rude conduct shall be severely dealt with in accordance with the provisions leading to fine/ suspension/ expulsion from the institute as deemed fit by the Director.

  3. Student shall maintain perfect discipline in the class-room. Intentional obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceedings or other Institute activities will be dealt strictly.

  4. Students must not loiter in corridors or in front of class rooms or office rooms and must keep as quiet as possible at all times. During their free periods, students must work quietly in the library or reading room or spend the time in the student’s common room, but without causing any disturbance.

  5. Minimum 75% of the total attendance in the lectures and tutorials, separately, held for the subjects is required to enable the students to appear in sessionals and annual Semester Examination of the University.

  6. On uniform days (all days excluding Saturdays) every student will wear uniform with decent shoes in accordance with the Uniform Regulations. No student will be permitted to attend classes without proper uniform. On non-uniform day (Saturday) students will wear decent pant, shirt and shoes. Multi-pocket jeans, Capris, slogan printed T-shirt and slippers are not permitted in the campus. Low waist pants are also not allowed to be worn.

  7. The institute displays important information regarding time-table, examination dates, attendance rules, submission of various application forms for examinations, fee, sports, freeships, scholarships, etc. on the institute notice board. Students are advised to make it a habit to look regularly at the Notice Board as it is an important media of communication and no separate communication shall be sent to the students by post.

  8. Camera mobiles are banned on CSAIST Campus. Normal mobiles should also be switched off in the academic area.

  9. Unauthorized use of Institute facilities including internet, computing equipment and accessories and any mode of communication.

  10. Possession, use, or distribution of drugs, marijuana, LSD, or other hallucinogens and/or narcotics or equipment such as hookah, pipes, rolling papers, etc. used to inhale/ingest illegal substances in the Institute premises is strictly prohibited.

  11. Possession, use or distribution of cigarettes, alcohol in the Institute premises is strictly prohibited.

  12. The Institute prohibits the possession or use of firearms, fireworks, explosives, weapons, or items deemed by Institute to be weapons of any description, for any purpose.

  13. Gambling for money or other items of value on Institute premises; including but not limited to, playing cards, chain business or other games of chance or skill for money or other items of value is strictly prohibited.

  14. Harassment or bulling in all forms or other treatment of a demeaning, abusive, threatening or alarming nature, including, without limitation, criticism based on an individual’s person’s race, color, nationality, sex, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation. Harassment includes, but is not limited to striking, laying hands upon intimidation, threatening with violence or offering to do bodily harm to another person, or invasion of privacy. Harassment may also be of a verbal nature and include suggestive comments, insults, humor and jokes about sex or gender-specific traits, and sexual propositions. Harassment also includes conduct that creates a hostile and intimidating environment that impairs an individual’s ability to function normally in an educational or occupational environment.

  15. Physical abuse of any person, or conduct that threatens or endangers the health, safety, or mental well-being of any such person.

  16. Students shall take proper care of the Institute furniture and premises and they must not spoil or cause any damage to or tamper with institute property, furniture, fitting etc. They shall not spoil the lawns. Students will have to pay the cost of damage/ loss caused to the property of the institute.

  17. Students shall leave their vehicle locked in the space provided. No vehicle shall be left in any space other than specified one. Use of helmets is compulsory for everyone who rides a two-wheeler to and from the campus. Violation of traffic rules, all inclusive of two, three and four wheelers, that jeopardizes orderly traffic and safe journey on the road.

  18. No society can be formed in the college without the permission of the Director. No person can be invited to address a meeting in the Institute without the prior permission of the Director or allowed to use the name of Director or his office in any form as specified above.

  19. No student suffering from any contagious or infectious disease will be permitted to attend the institute.

  20. Any student who is found impersonating or allowing impersonation on his/ her behalf at the University Examination will stand expelled from the Institute with immediate effect. No letter calling for explanation or show cause notice will be issued to such a student. No such student will be re-admitted to the institute.

  21. Outsiders are not allowed inside the college premises without permission of the institute authorities.

  22. Barring clause 19, violations of the above mentioned rules will lead to severe disciplinary action involving fine, suspension and expulsion from the Institute. The Director can take such action even without assigning any reason at all.

For parents

Parents of student are advised to visit the institute time to time and keep in touch with his/her ward’s progress. Record of attendance and scores obtained in terminal examination are intimated to the parent at the end of each term. They are requested to receive and purchase such correspondences. The parents should carefully read the rules/ procedures of the institute and should advise his/her ward to abide by them.