239/1, Civil Lines, Jhansi


In the increasingly competitive environment of worldwide access to professional education, we at CSAIST offer a vouch for the quality, value and intellectual rigour.

In this marathon of education our Department of Management Studies started its journey towards bestowing a whole some management education in 2010.

The main objective of the department is to motivate and fascinate the budding managers. The department has been involved in developing student centric industry based learning methodologies.

The pedagogy of the program consists of lectures, research projects, case studies, symposiums, workshops, management quiz, and other student focused activities. To modify the knowledge and have a practical exposure of the industry, the department organizes seminars and industrial visits at short intervals.

A hall-mark of the department is the excellent faculty-student relationship that fosters an atmosphere of regular feedback and growth.

Department Objective

  • To provide professional education and training to all students in all aspects related to the management discipline for advancement of learning towards promoting excellence in business administration and industry.

  • To strive for continuous improvement in instructions, methodology of delivery and course content to ensure updates of a student with the reality of the corporate world, its needs and expectations from an employable candidate.

  • To actively support the growth and quality improvements of a student, to enhance, prepare and train the student to face the corporate world.

  • To provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and all facilities to students, to support and propel their career paths, may it be managerial, administrative or entrepreneurial.

  • To associate the Institute with Councils, Academic Bodies of administrative education and corporate bodies in relation to the courses, curriculum development and advancement along with the upgradation in the course content and to formulate training programs of mutual interest, to ensure that a student is well equipped with all the knowledge and skills required to become directly employable.

  • To collaborate with institutes and/or organisations in India and abroad that has similar objectives and functions, to facilitate exchange programs.

  • To understand the meaning of feedback, self evaluation and regulatory mechanism and to apply it in all aspects.

  • Development of criteria and tools for collection of information based on the design and evaluation methodology, provoking skills for reasoning and innovation.

Courses offered by the Department