239/1, Civil Lines, Jhansi


Sri Krishana Dwaipayana Charitable Trust was established to spread the bright light of education, particularly science and technology to help the people of India and the world to inculcate scientific temper and technological vigour for the prosperity of one and all. Integrity and unity of nation with Indian ethos, dignity of labour and freedom of conscience are the primary objectives. In the year 2000, the Trust established Chandra Shekhar Azad Institute of Science & Technology (CSAIST) with a hope that it will serve as a vehicle to fulfill the objectives of Sri Krishana Dwaipayana Charitable Trust in that consonance with the ideal of the greatest freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad, who never accepted any kind of bondages, and helped to acquire freedom to our mother land by sacrificing his life at the altar of the nation.

Chandra Shekhar Azad Institute of Science and Technology, affiliated to Bundelkhand University and recognized by UGC under section 2(f) and 12(B) of U.G.C. Act, 1956, is established to impart Computer Science, Information Science, Software Technology, Management etc. education to the students, who wish to explore their creative intellect and learning aptitude. It is aimed to train the students in the globally competitive environment to receive State-of-the-Art knowledge in qualitative and quantitative techniques, analytical application of knowledge as well as in the creation of knowledge. The institute has very strong faith in the innovation, interdisciplinary approach and learning through doing. We at CSAIST are forever committed to help the students realizing their career ambitions and unlocking their true potential.

The academic programs of the institute have an optical mix of theoretical knowledge and practical training supplemented by on the job training in industry/service sector. CSAIST provides most modern facilities in terms of books, equipments, computers, faculties, etc. Special lectures/invited talks by the eminent academicians and industry professional are organized periodically. CSAIST is interacting with the institutions and industries outside India particularly USA, Japan, Australia, Canada to have greater job opportunities for the degree holder of CSAIST.

Last decade has witnessed an enormous growth in computer science and information technology, library & management fields. Microsoft, Google, Apple has given new environments to the computer – windows 8, chrome, Mac operating system etc. Office 2013 has totally changed the working environment in offices. Now corporate can sync their mobile phones with computers and make the presentations etc. New generation languages has provided an easier and flexible medium of expression for the computer. Internet has changed the world and interconnectivity has became easier. People can get information about any topic sitting at one place. Immense possibilities has also increased in the field of Library Science. International/National Banks, Financial Institutions, Software Companies, Educational Institutions, Insurance Companies has widened the job opportunities for students.

Over the years, CSAIST has provided the highest quality technical education to students from all over India admitted on the basis of merit. Its graduates may be found throughout the world in areas of computer science, information technology, library science and management. CSAIST symbolizes the maturing of Indian technical & managerial ability and “can-do” entrepreneurial spirit, especially as derived from the corporate world.