239/1, Civil Lines, Jhansi


Department of Computer Science & Information Technology was established in the year 2000, with the objective of imparting quality education & to develop core competence in the field of Computer Science & Information Technology.

We’re committed to advancing the state-of-the-art in Computer Science & Information Technology, and to provide a challenging and exciting education for our students. Our exuberant students have the opportunity to carry out independent study and to collaborate with faculty on different projects.

The Department has started with the aim to generate not just a programmer but an expert in Computer Science by providing a real professional environment.

With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation, the department has always produced quality professionals, holding important positions in Information Technology industry in India and abroad.

Department Objective

  • To provide professional education and training to all students in all aspects and to make them proficient in computer languages, operating systems, and hardware.

  • To enhance the skills of the students so that they are able to design high quality solutions to problems using today’s technology based on well-established principles of software engineering process, understand how to participate effectively as a member of a team, and be able to evaluate those solutions by rigorous means.

  • To make the students understand well the fundamental principles of computer science theory so they can become lifelong learners who can build and understand tomorrow’s technology.

  • To strive for continuous improvement in instructions, methodology of delivery and course content to ensure updates of a student with the reality of the corporate world, its needs and expectations from an employable candidate.

  • To actively support the growth and quality improvements of a student, to enhance, prepare and train the student to face the corporate world.

  • To prepare the students to be effective at written and oral communication, able to read and write technical papers and documentation and present results.

  • To provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and all facilities to students, to support and propel their career paths.

  • To associate the Institute with Councils, Academic Bodies of administrative education and corporate bodies in relation to the courses, curriculum development and advancement along with the upgradation in the course content and in order to formulate training programs of mutual interest to ensure that a student is well equipped with all the knowledge and skills required to become directly employable.

  • To understand the meaning of feedback, self evaluation and regulatory mechanism and to apply it in all aspects.

  • Development of criteria and tools for collection of information based on the design and evaluation methodology, provoking skills for reasoning and innovation.