239/1, Civil Lines, Jhansi


Responsible students are the main force of building a well-off society, a harmonious socialist society in India. Personal responsibility and social responsibility involve the moral obligation to both self and community, and both forms of responsibility rely upon such virtues as honesty, self discipline, respect, loyalty, and compassion. The social responsibility and social engagement of the students are performed in a sound and credible manner as the part of CSAIST education. During educating students to become personal and social responsible, CSAIST tries to foster among its students that:

  • The idea that the individual has a responsibility to the environment.

  • The concept that you are an integral of something greater.

  • The belief that your life is significant.

  • The notion that I exist because we exist.

CSAIST believes that social engagement needs to be informed by knowledge, rooted in values, tied to democratic aspirations, and embodied through practice. As per its belief, CSAIST foster its students in serving and empowering those who are denied of opportunities for development caused by social, economic and cultural discrimination.

Humanity has always turns to excellence, as a flower turns towards the sun. The human face of CSAIST is reflected in various social activities. Students actively organize and participate in various awareness programmes at campus and out campuses that prepare them to fulfill their obligations as students in an academic community and as responsible global and local citizens. They participates in blood donation encampment, donate study material and other entities of necessity to orphanages and children of nearby villages. The institute also provides free education to financially weak students and encourages students to become volunteers for assistance in health camps, wildlife & forest conservation programmes, etc.